Jan 2013
Gas Distribution
Research into sustainable energy and relieving fuel poverty in Multi Storey Buildings
Jan 2013
Jul 2013
Northern Gas Networks
Alec Breen and Iain Foster
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks

Multi storey buildings and their residents occupy a very difficult sector to access in order to improve safety, reduce fuel poverty and address technical issues with the assets within the buildings. If new high storey properties were built today they would not have a gas supply to every floor and would optimise the use of clean alternative energy supplies. If a gas network removed the Gas supply to the building it has the potential to impact on the electricity network and increase the resident’s exposure to fuel poverty. Replacing these assets is expensive and technically difficult

This is a collaborative project between four organisations into shifting our approach to supplying energy to MSB’s and researching alternative approaches to managing fuel poverty, alternative heating and power and managing resident needs and expectations.

This approach to multi organisation collaboration to resolve a number of building energy related issues is unique in the UK and will move this project from discussion planning stage to setting out exact requirements becoming a model for future collaborations with other northern authorities.

Knowledge is shared across LA’s, Electricity and Gas sectors. Combined knowledge is also shared with residents of MSB's. Working in collaboration with Northern Power Grid as the power sector challenge a difficult to reach sector of the community.