Nov 2011
Gas Distribution
Carbon Monoxide Gascoseeker
Nov 2011
Nov 2013
Northern Gas Networks
Ian Reed, Steve Dacre and Alec Breen
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks

As carbon monoxide cannot be seen or tasted and does not smell, the use of equipment to aid detection is vital. This includes domestic audible carbon monoxide alarms manufactured to the European safety standard EN50291 Currently within NGN we have no single piece of equipment which can detect Carbon Monoxide, the current process of looking for discolouration to flames or soot around appliances, feeling nauseas or constantly tired, these visual inspections are all worthwhile but NGN felt that more had to be done to tackle this ‘silent killer’. Key Drivers

  • Safety – To all Customers & Workforce
  • Efficiency – To give the best service possible

The current Gascoseeker unit which NGN use monitors for gas parts per million only which is ideal for detecting leaks but we felt as an industry we needed to do more in protecting our customers and workforce against all the dangers posed by gas taking the proactive approach rather than re-active.

Deliverables The deliverables will comprise of:

  • A full and thorough operational trial of new technologies and procedure
  • A report presenting results and recommendations
  • A revision to operational procedures to ensure CO is part of BAU when rolled out.

The trial will produce a detailed report on all lessons learnt as a result of the trial. This report will be shared across not only the UK gas business but also all stakeholder within the CO field including but not limited to Parliamentary CO Group, CO Safety Groups, Dominic Rodgers Trust, Fire Service and local communities.