Dec 2012
Gas Distribution
Study of proposed sources and quantities of Biomethane to Grid
Dec 2012
Sep 2013
Northern Gas Networks
Dan Sadler (Head of Head of Energy Futures)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks

The take up of possible biomethane to grid by various sectors has been particularly slow due to the uncertainty about volumes from each sector, the availability of a roadmap to access the network and suitable injection locations. Quantification of the potentially available feedstock volumes that are suitable for AD (anaerobic digestion) processing in the NGN area is not fully understood. No research, modeling and report exist by postcode area that matches the availability of feedstock by sector with easy access points to NGN’s Network.

Undertake a study into the potential sources and quantities of biogas that could be produced from anaerobic digestion processes in the NGN distribution area. The study will focus on areas of potential within appropriate sectors of agriculture, council collected waste food, commercial, industrial and the wastewater industry. The study will identify targets within the NGN distribution area that could be approached to explore collaboration opportunities to develop projects for biogas production and biomethane to grid injection (BtG).

The learning will be the location of potential feedstock, accessibility of the network and guideline to each sector on the viability of volumes required to feasibly inject into the gas grid at a suitable point. NGN will convene an industry leading conference on the findings of this report with a target audience of energy specialists, sector representatives, major businesses with potential sources and other Gas Distribution Networks.