Dec 2018
Gas Distribution
MyDart - Digital asset records tool
Dec 2018
Jul 2019
Northern Gas Networks
Glen Baterhan
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Asset Management

When NGN engineering crews replace distribution pipes site managers are required to:
• Check the replacement job
• Record the pipes that have been replaced
• Record service pipes that connect to distribution mains
• Provide measurements of the as-laid pipes

During this process if any existing assets are incorrectly recorded in the asset register an issue (DR4) is raised to correct the asset register. Updates to the asset register are required to be completed within 30 days.

Field data collected during this process is provided back to office staff. They verify what has been recorded and update other corporate systems such as the asset register in SAP and the asset location in GIS.
If they have any queries they contact the site manager to confirm what has been recorded. This can sometimes result in a site revisit by the site manager.

During field data collection limited validation carried out on data that is recorded in the field by site managers. This leads to an increased backlog of work in checking and querying what is being recorded and an increase in site revisits. In the worst cases this can mean inaccurate data being entered into the asset register. The current process for dealing with DR4’s is manual and time consuming slows the process of updates down
Phase1 will focus on:

• An app designed for and by the end users themselves
• 'Right First Time' field data capture: Collect, Correct & Confirm
• Automated data validation, correction and creation
• Connected and disconnected data capture
• Integration with existing GIS platforms (e.g. Esri)
• Simple, easy to use application
• Integration with GNSS devices for accurate location
• 3D enabled (for future 3D requirements)