Nov 2020
Gas Transmission
Valve Care Toolbox 3
Nov 2020
Mar 2021
National Grid Gas Transmission
Josh Eades
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Network Innovation Allowance
GT - Reliability and maintenance and GT - Repair
Gas Transmission Networks
This final phase of ValveCare will further develop the inform, clean and protect toolkits and aims to build on the previous phases in order to deliver “Field Ready and Tested” tools that dovetail into National Grid’s Maintenance systems, as well as widen the range of specific conditions that can be addressed by the system.
The key deliverables will be:
Tools / Equipment / Documentation
The following will be delivered:
  • Additional Cleaning options and process will be delivered.
  • Completed Protect equipment and process will be delivered.
  • As per Stage 2, 4 kits will be supplied with a 5th kit of critical spares.
In addition to this, updated Risk Assessment and Method Statements will be provided.

Reporting will be provided periodically as indicated by Steering Group meetings throughout the project. These are likely to tie in (as with Stage 2) as Summary Reports on field visits which use the Working Toolbox, alongside the additional engineering work carried out.

A final report will be issued outlining an overview of full project, recommended ways forward and additional work will be highlighted.
Once field ready, this work will provide the following benefits:
  • Assess and measure the condition of assets (valves) in the network
  • Captures data on the condition of valves on the network
  • Allows valves to be repaired instead of excavated and replaced
  • Projected Volume of Valve Replacements during RIIO-2 = 42
  • Average Unit Cost of Valve Replacement = £368k
  • Projected average cost of Valve Care Toolbox remediation = £35k/valve.
  • Potential projected average cost saving due to Valve Care Toolbox = £333k valve.
  • Projected percentage of effective valve stem remediation due to Valve Care Toolbox, negating valve replacement = 20% (9 valves)
  • Potential cost savings due to Valve Care Toolbox = £3m during RIIO-2
  • Enables Targeted, planned maintenance via a risk-based approach through the CM4 surveys
  • Life extension of the network