May 2020
Gas Transmission
CH4RGE – Methane Reduction from Gas Equipment
May 2020
Mar 2021
National Grid Gas Transmission
Steve Johnstone
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Network Innovation Allowance
GT - Future of gas and GT - Environment and low carbon
Gas Transmission Networks
This proposal is to undertake a BAT and FEED study and then pilot a gas compressor seal gas and venting gas recovery system. The solution could then be rolled out as ‘business as usual’ to help Gas Transmission work towards delivering the Company’s Net Zero carbon emissions objective. Three of the major compressor machinery OEMs all currently offer gas recompression, thermal oxidiser or ejector solutions to this issue, which are at varying levels of market readiness.
To evaluate the need case associated with methane reduction from gas equipment on UK NTS sites. To conduct a pre-feasibility assessment of methane reduction technologies, and to consider where possible how these technologies may be appropriate to a future NTS.
Whilst the financial cost benefit of this project can be measured, it is important to note that this is not the sole rationale for undertaking this work. In order to achieve progress against critical objectives such as Net Zero, investment must be made where there is a real prospect of achieving environmental, sustainability, reputational and societal gain, even if the financial aspects of these metrics cannot be quantified. All initial calculations suggest that this project has the potential to deliver both a financial return, and key environmental, sustainability, reputational and societal benefits.