Jul 2020
Gas Transmission
Geopolymer Injection for Ground Stabilisation and the re-levelling of buried assets
Jul 2020
Apr 2021
National Grid Gas Transmission
Paul Ogden
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Network Innovation Allowance
GT - Repair
Gas Transmission Networks
A resin is injected into the ground to re-level and stabilise the ground under gas pipes. This novel technique can be used at Kings Lynn site and potential save in the region on £20/£30m.
  1. Assess suitability of geopolymer injection technology for ground improvement and ground stabilisation on and around high-pressure gas pipework within National Grid operational sites.
  2. Assess the sustainability of product and its carbon footprint benefits when compared to concrete foundation replacement options.
  3. Conduct trial on decommissioned pipework to demonstrate ground stabilisation and pipework releveling techniques.
  4. Facilitate adoption of geopolymer injection technology in the gas transmission / distribution industry as business as usual.
Cost avoidance - £30m is the projected cost of rebuilding one of National Grid’s larger compressor sites.
Reliability - Mitigate the settlement and stabilise the ground
Environmental - avoid the use of concrete for new slabs