May 2020
Gas Transmission
Corrosion Modelling
May 2020
Mar 2021
National Grid Gas Transmission and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Robbie Williamson
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Network Innovation Allowance
GT - Reliability and maintenance
Gas Transmission Networks
The objective of the proposed innovation project is to demonstrate interactive models of current and future corrosion risk using predictive analytics on a site of strategic importance on the NTS (National Transmission System).
  • Business objective to proactively intervene in a cost-effective manner for corrosion related issues through robust time based modelling.
  • Optimise the planning of remediation works on a site leading to a proactive rather than reactive response.
  • To reduce corrosion related intervention costs by at least 10% in RIIO T2
Potential saving of £60m across the NTS over RIIO-2 including up to £15m at St Fergus.