Sep 2019
Gas Transmission
Hydrogen Injection into the NTS
Sep 2019
Aug 2020
National Grid Gas Transmission
Lloyd Mitchell – Asset Engineer
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Gas Transmission Networks
The UK has committed to be net zero by 2050 and as a result National Grid Gas Transmission (NGGT) is committed to understand and trial the impact of hydrogen within the National Transmission System (NTS). The impact of natural gas is well understood, however there is little understanding of the impact of a natural gas blend with a significantly increased hydrogen content (up to 100%) on the assets we own and operate and the impact to our direct customers.
To date there has not been an investigation into a customer trial with hydrogen directly from the NTS.
The objective of this project is to understand what will be required to physically trial injecting hydrogen into the National Transmission System and to summarise all the potential ways this could be completed, allowing a small-scale trial to be completed. A gap analysis of the current NGGT Safety Case will also be carried out to understand what evidence would be required to prove the safe transport of hydrogen within the NTS.