Oct 2019
Gas Transmission, Electricity Distribution, Electricity Transmission and Gas Distribution
Spatial GB Clean Heat Pathway Model
Oct 2019
Jan 2021
National Grid Gas Transmission
Neil Rowley – GSO, Usman Bagudu – ESO, David Hardman – GT
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future, ET - Transition to low carbon future, GD - Future of gas, GD - Environment and low carbon, GT - Future of gas and GT - Environment and low carbon
Gas Distribution Networks, Gas Transmission Networks and Electricity Transmission Networks
Development of the GB Heat Decarbonisation Model, an integrated, cross-vector model of the whole heating system within Great Britain.
Provide a coherent modelling framework for regional energy demand and supply mapping that captures competition between low carbon technologies and the impact that consumers, communities, distribution networks, and regional and national bodies will have on the national heat decarbonization strategy. Improve the evidence base on which National Grid (and gas and electricity distribution network operators) develops investment plans for the forthcoming price control period, reducing the risk of sub-optimal investment decisions or stranded assets.