Jun 2019
Gas Transmission and Gas Distribution
EPRG (European Pipeline Research Group) 2019
Jun 2019
Jun 2020
National Grid Gas Transmission and Cadent
James Gilliver (NGGT), Luke Hollis (Cadent Gas)
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas, GD - Safety and emergency, GD - Reliability and maintenance, GD - Repair, GD - Mains Replacement, GD - Environment and low carbon, GD - Security, GT - Future of gas, GT - Safety and emergency, GT - Reliability and maintenance, GT - Repair, GT - Mains Replacement, GT - Environment and low carbon and GT - Security
Gas Distribution Networks and Gas Transmission Networks
The European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG) undertakes a wide range of research directed towards the increased integrity and safety of gas transmission pipelines. Topics such as corrosion, fit-for-purpose assessment, and pipeline rehabilitation constitute the major areas of concern for existing pipelines. Whereas areas of concern for new pipelines, in the ever-expanding European gas transmission grid, such as the use of higher strength steels and higher hoop stress factors, provide new challenges and opportunities for cost-effective pipeline construction and operation.
National Grid and Cadent Gas want to continue to establish best practice technologies and techniques in order to allow the safe, reliable, efficient and economic use of the gas network, while reducing impact on the environment. By participating in EPRG, National Grid and Cadent Gas have benefitted, and will continue to benefit from the international experience of the other member companies’ representatives, while benefiting from significant leverage on project activity from the other member companies.