Mar 2019
Gas Transmission and Gas Distribution
Project Cavendish
Mar 2019
Mar 2020
National Grid Gas Transmission, Cadent and SGN
Susannah Ferris
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas and GT - Future of gas
Gas Distribution Networks and Gas Transmission Networks
To undertake a feasibility study to help support the potential of the Isle of Grain as a location for hydrogen production and storage.
  • Determine the viability of utilising existing infrastructure to enable the Isle of Grain region to supply decarbonised hydrogen to London and the South East.
  • Ascertain what additional infrastructure would be required if the Isle of Grain was to supply all of London’s hydrogen, including the identification of critical environmental issues and ecosystem mapping of stakeholders.
  • Generate a reference design showing the outline of a hydrogen system linking the Isle of Grain to London and the South East
  • Generate a business case showing the economic and environmental benefits to consumers and UK PLC
  • Develop a roadmap with next steps for hydrogen development in the region