Feb 2019
Gas Transmission
Valve Care Toolbox 2
Feb 2019
May 2020
National Grid Gas Transmission
Mick Jarvis and Josh Eades (PMC)
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Network Innovation Allowance
GT - Reliability and maintenance
Gas Transmission Networks
To develop the Valve Care concepts following the completion of Stage 1 of the VCT programme
The key objectives from this feasibility and evaluation phase will be:
  1. The development the of technical valve care toolbox concepts.
  2. Feasibility assessments of concepts, likely to include some prototyping and testing.
  3. Validation exercise, including physical testing of key ideas/concepts/technologies.
  4. Interim Reports outlining:
  • Technical Requirements of any solution to be developed.
  • Concepts hierarchy and descriptions of the individual concepts.
  • The process behind the development of the shortlist of concepts.
  • An initial assessment of the feasibility of these concepts and the technical challenges.
     5.Final Report outlining:
  • Overview of full project
  • Learnings from Validation Exercise
  • Recommended ways forward and technology developments to be proposed for future phases.