Oct 2018
Gas Transmission
Secure AGI – Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Oct 2018
May 2020
National Grid Gas Transmission
Jeremy Hunns
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Network Innovation Allowance
GT - Security
System Security
To develop a compact and low cost hard cyber module for AGI's. Will provide an open source (s/w) solution to ensure future proofing of the cyber protection of the NTS SCADA assets.
To engineer a fit-for-purpose ICS intruder detection system solution, with inbuilt RTU, control and protection functionality, which will be tailor-made for use in a live AGI environment.
Design a vendor agnostic intrusion detection system (IDS) complete with RTU technology which has the capacity to offer standardised control and protection functionality, which can be retrofitted into existing AGI’s to allow early notification of cyber-attack incidents, hence drastically increasing NGGT's cyber security resilience.