Apr 2018
Gas Transmission and Gas Distribution
Risk Assessment Methodologies for Pipelines and AGIs 2018
Apr 2018
Apr 2019
National Grid Gas Transmission and Cadent
Steve Potts (NGGT), Luke Hollis (Cadent)
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency and GT - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks and Gas Transmission Networks
The continuous management and improvement of safety risks on gas transmission pipelines and above ground installations (AGIs) requires development of wide ranging models and procedures. The type of event which affects pipelines and assets located on an AGI is of low frequency, but can have extremely high consequences, therefore it requires accurate models to make safety decisions and keep risks as low as reasonably practicable. Because of this challenge, the efficient development of models and procedures has historically been coordinated through joint ventures.
Research into the enduring management of safety risks on pipelines and above ground installations. The project includes the implementation of the results via tools and methodologies that are aligned specifically to NG and CG needs, and are equally relevant to the UK gas industry, utilising the results of the international collaborations as appropriate.