Aug 2018
Gas Transmission
In Pipe NTS Liquid Monitoring Systems
Aug 2018
Mar 2021
National Grid Gas Transmission
Dinesh Kanagalingam
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Network Innovation Allowance
GT - Reliability and maintenance
Gas Transmission Networks
The aim of this project is to address the problem of detecting liquid ingress at National Transmission System (NTS) Entry Points through the development and testing of a prototype analyser which identifies the presence of liquid by means of a video identification system.
The programe will perform a full review of each system (fixed, mobile) will be presented. If the trials prove successful, the systems will be adopted as a business as usual system for liquid monitoring within the NTS. The necessary procurement and National Grid specification/standards, inclusive of standard design templates, will be amended accordingly.
The ability to monitor contamination will allow the control of incidents of liquid contamination to be pro-active, rather than re-active.

Potential delay in the repair of damaged filters (£20k each).

Prevention of Containment incident costs ~£50k