May 2017
Gas Transmission
Aerial Imaging Research (AIR)
May 2017
May 2019
National Grid Gas Transmission
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Transmission Networks
The High Altitude Aerial Surveillance (HAAS) NIA project concluded in 2016 that no currently available survey system could meet the safety, technological, economic challenge of improving on the current helicopter patrol system against third party interference. However the project also concluded that technology in fields such as imaging, mapping, data processing and analysis, artificial intelligence, UAVs and satellites is moving very fast and any successor system would need to harness and combine a wide range of these technologies to be viable. For further information see High Altitude Aerial Surveillance (HAAS) NIA project NIA_NGGT0064.

To deliver ongoing monitoring and assessment of the technological maturity and solution cost for selected technologies to inform the development of a future successor third party interference monitoring and reporting solution.

  1. Monitor progress in each selected field for the duration of the project.

  2. Deliver a 6 monthly summary and 12 monthly detailed report of developments in each selected field and an assessment of technological maturity and cost of solution against our requirements.

  3. Recommend how and when to develop a HAAS-successor solution.