Nov 2016
Gas Transmission
Artificial Intelligence for Pipe Coating Inspection
Nov 2016
Mar 2019
National Grid Gas Transmission
Richard Waine Specification and Standards Manager, Peter Martin Senior Corrosion Engineer,
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management
During the process of conducting a CM/4 inspection, technicians are required to undertake high volumes of visual inspections across the various asset types. Although comprehensive training and guidance is provided, the subjective nature of visual inspections inherently results in inconsistencies. When amplified across a high volume asset base these inconsistencies can impact the overarching view of asset health and planned investment to enable remediation works.

Improve quality and consistency of asset condition assessment data associated with the CM/4 process, enabling improved asset maintenance choices and investment decision making.

The success criteria is based on the successful completion of the three deliverables detailed above: equipment classification, corrosion level classification and field testing to the business accepted standard.