May 2016
Gas Transmission
Installation Risk and Technology Assessment Model
May 2016
Dec 2017
National Grid Gas Transmission
Kirsty McDermott,
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Transmission Networks
NGGT has over 200 installations on the Transmission pipeline system and 60% of these are operating beyond their original design life. This presents a major challenge to NGGT and an urgent requirement to develop innovative and cost effective solutions to assess the condition buried assets.

Inline inspection represents the most effective way of assessing the condition of buried pipework and is in the early stages of development. It will enable evidence based, targeted excavations that will reduce both the financial and environmental cost of asset management. Integral to any potential inline inspection activity is the physical connection to gain access to buried pipework. Standard connection methods have not changed for a long period of time and there is significant scope to reduce this cost by fundamentally challenging the end to end connection process and exploring new technology that will reduce cost and minimize disruption.

A fundamental challenge to the way connections are planned and constructed will greatly reduce the cost of establishing connections, reducing the cost of performing inline inspections and so further reducing the cost of maintaining these ageing assets.

The objective of the Installation Risk and Technology Assessment Model is to develop the framework for a new low cost connection strategy for inline inspection across the entirety of the NTS installations (circa 200).

Develop a connection strategy which will maximise inline inspection coverage whilst minimising inspection costs by optimising the connection process at a high pressure installation by 50%.