Apr 2016
Gas Transmission
Infra-red photography for maintenance
Apr 2016
Dec 2016
National Grid Gas Transmission
Mark Allatson, box.GT.innovation@nationalgrid.com
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Network Innovation Allowance
Electricity Transmission Networks
Over the past few years there have been considerable advances in non-invasive thermal imaging techniques. These techniques and the associated equipment offer considerable opportunities to for the effective monitoring of National Grid’s compressor fleet. To maximize the advantage of these opportunities, it is necessary to effectively evaluate the technology within a closely defined structured programme such that appropriate and consistent solutions can be applied across the National Grid’s compressor fleet.

The objective of this project is an evaluation of the effectiveness of infrared cameras for maintenance, inspection and diagnostics when applied to compressor station plant assets. The evaluation will include recommendations on the most appropriate use of infrared cameras.

The outcome of this study will enable National Grid to focus structure and optimize their maintenance resource and effort.

This project will produce a comprehensive document with recommendations that detail the appropriate use of infrared cameras for inspection, diagnostics and maintenance across the National Grid compressor fleet.

The programme will enable National Grid to make an informed decision on whether to implement the use of infrared cameras as an aid for inspection diagnostics and maintenance of the compressor fleet. If a decision is taken to use such a tool, it will provide the maintenance engineer with the information to target appropriate and critical parts of their compressor station plant for maintenance using infrared cameras. This process could then lead to the leveraging of the strengths of infrared cameras (remote sensing, non-intrusive and temperature visualisation) to tackle appropriate maintenance activities more effectively. In addition, because infrared cameras can give the maintenance engineer the ability to spot some developing faults before they adversely impact on operability, the early detection and subsequent intervention will improve plant availability.