Mar 2016
Gas Transmission
Asset Information Models (AIM) for Component/Pattern Recognition
Mar 2016
Mar 2017
National Grid Gas Transmission
Martin Cahill,
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Transmission Networks
Following on from the BIM project, it was identified the 3D modelling created for the design of projects could incorporate automation, allowing for the accurate creation of up-to-date models of sites. Where BIM was used in design phase, this project incorporates non-BIM assets to model retrospectively. It is estimated this has the potential to be 25-50% more efficient than the current process for creating records for sites. A consistent interface is to be created, where asset records are captured, centrally updated, and interrogated by the asset owner/operator. Too often repeat site visits are required to capture individual data records; this proposal will reduce the abortive time to undertake this manual activity.
  • The generation of accurate operational records / documents that can capture and reference ‘key’ operational data
  • Geographically positioned assets and asset models
  • Establishment, interrogation and reporting of asset / operational information i.e. ‘data mining’ of the Asset Information Model
  • Aid the identification, understanding and management of the asset health issues and the delivery of any associated projects
  • Provide a consistent format and interface for the asset owner / operator
Success from the trial would be a demonstration of saving through the building of a retrospective 3D model of an existing site using component recognition.

Longer term, a key success criterion is to create a library of complex gas components which can be identified using enhanced shape recognition. This makes it possible to target a reduction in excess of 25% of the time taken to create a 3D model from a laser scan.