Jan 2016
Gas Transmission
Nitrogen Sleeve Epoxy End-Seal Repair Solution
Jan 2016
Jan 2019
National Grid Gas Transmission
Robert Stockley box.GT.innovation@nationalgrid.com
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Network Innovation Allowance
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The pipeline and sleeve are likely to be eccentric, and there can be a variety of end-seal arrangements types and shapes, which cannot be known in advance until a sleeve is excavated. The Syntho Glass XT product is a versatile product, which requires very little prior preparation or design prior to the works being undertaken. Following excavation, a composite repair could potentially be undertaken within a couple of days. There is also the potential to train NG staff to undertake the repairs in the future, which will reduce the cost of application, without the need for expert intervention.

The objective of this project is to find a simple and cost effective solution, to facilitate the repair of leaking nitrogen epoxy end-seals. This type of repair should need minimal modification to the sleeve end-seal to effectively repair the nitrogen leaks.

The project will identify, test, live trial, verify and develop an approved method of using composite wraps to repair nitrogen sleeve end seals.