Jul 2015
Gas Transmission
Investigation into LPRC pipeline material
Jul 2015
Apr 2017
National Grid Gas Transmission
Cor Bos
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Transmission Networks
NIA project NIA_NGGT0048 recently provided National Grid with a high level review of alternative materials and construction methods for potential use on the gas transmission system, herein after referred to as Phase 1. The Phase 1 report identified LPRC in principle as the best candidate technology for pipelines from those considered, and concluded that the technology is potentially suitable for use in high pressure, large diameter gas transmission applications. A small number of particular products on the market or use in the industry abroad were identified , but have a limited track record of performance testing and limited and/or unreported history in field applications. Phase 2 therefore makes a more detailed and comprehensive review of the feasibility of future use of LPRC and of these specific products.

Phase 2 aims to provide a comprehensive market review of LPRC products, define specific performance requirements relating to the operation and management of such technology and undertake a detailed assessment of product suitability including Full Life Cost Benefit Analysis and Environmental Assessment.

To develop performance requirements specific to the use of LPRC technologies to enable a comprehensive assessment of product suitability Full Life Cost Benefit Analysis and Environmental Assessment.