May 2015
Gas Transmission
Portable Valve Actuation
May 2015
Jan 2016
National Grid Gas Transmission
Richard Waine,
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Network Innovation Allowance
The National Grid Transmission network has hundreds of Above Ground Installations (AGI’s) located across the UK which form part of the National Transmission System (NTS). These AGI’s contain thousands of locally operated valves which are fitted with gearboxes and actuators to allow the valves to be operated with minimal operator effort. Historical best practice and design requirements have dictated that larger diameter valves would be fitted with a gearbox and valves greater than 450NB would require actuation, powered by an electrical actuator or gas hydraulic actuator, subject to the site conditions and functional requirements.

In the majority of cases these locally operated actuators are used only to undertake routine maintenance and support annual valve movements for compliance, therefore the capital expenditure and operational cost for infrequent operation is significant and expected to increase as the actuator systems age.

This proposal is to review the practicality, operational benefit and whole life cost benefit associated with replacing the actuation on locally actuated valves and valves with aged gearboxes with high performance gearboxes and a portable form of actuation which could be attached by operatives as required. The project will also investigate the benefits of real time condition monitoring linked to specific valves and actual utilisation.     

To understand the potential benefits, impacts and whole life cost savings that can be achieved across the transmission network by the implementation of portable actuation solution and a phased replacement strategy.