Apr 2015
Gas Transmission
Spatial district heating analysis and impact on gas and power demand
Apr 2015
Apr 2016
National Grid Gas Transmission, National Grid Electricity Transmission and National Grid Gas Distribution
Stephen Marland, Tony Nixon, Nixon box.GT.innovation@nationalgrid.com
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks, Gas Transmission Networks and Electricity Transmission Networks
Heat / district networks currently provide less than 2% of UK heat, however; have been identified as providing benefits to a low carbon energy pathway (initial studies suggest growth between 14% to 40% of heat demand would be possible). Studies have lacked geographical and heat source constraints that have significant bearing on the economic viability of future network infrastructure.

There is limited co-ordinated public information / evidence concerning the location and development of future heat networks. Consequently, heat networks are not well represented within National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios, which in turn underpins National Grid Transmission’s power and gas capital investment processes. The lack of evidence has led to development uncertainties influencing long term investment and risk decision making processes. The lack of clarity on the prospects at a specific locations could lead to sub-economic investments by developers, LA, Government and both Transmission and Distribution networks.

To inform scenario development and downstream investment decision processes within National Grid.

To provide a platform to engage other interested parties including iDNs, DNO, regulators and Government.

Heat Network projection range to be included in the Future Energy Scenario with reference to location.

Application in investment decision making processes.