Apr 2015
Gas Transmission
NTS Block Valve Connections
Apr 2015
Mar 2016
National Grid Gas Transmission
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Network Innovation Allowance
As stated above, third parties looking to connect onto the NTS to follow the Uniform Network Code (UNC) ’Application to Offer’ (A2O) process. This process delivers a conceptual design study for the connection and has predominantly been used to connect gas fired power stations and similar large connections over the past 2 years. It has become apparent that the process, which has worked successfully for those types of connections, will not necessarily be the most efficient or effective as smaller gas supplies approach NGGT to connect onto the NTS. Two key challenges include:

1. Long timeline: The standard timeline for a new connection to the National Transmission System is approximately 3 years from initial application through to commissioning of the new asset, which may not be appropriate for unconventional gas supplies.

2. Minimum flowrate: In the UNC guidelines this is currently set at 2 million therms /annum, which may not be appropriate for unconventional gas supplies. Lower flows can be accepted if no local distribution system is available.

Gas Transmission Asset Management and Gas Customer Services would like to understand, and potentially be able to offer alternative options to our customers in the future. It is therefore proposed that a Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) project is initiated to look at the options for a different type of connection process for small gas connections onto the NTS.

To provide an engineering solution for customer connections onto block valve sites.

To deliver an engineering design and process for using small block valve sites to connect onto the NTS as an alternative to the conventional custom built connection process.