Apr 2014
Gas Transmission
PRCI - Pipeline Research Council International 2014
Apr 2014
Apr 2015
National Grid Gas Transmission
Tony Stonehewer & Robert Owen
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Network Innovation Allowance
Participation in PRCI gives National Grid Gas access to research projects that may otherwise be more difficult to fund on an individual basis, as well as the opportunity of validating work carried out on internal programmes. There are extensive networking opportunities with other gas transporters and across the wider industry. Collaboration through this organisation will continue to play a key role in the innovation portfolio.

National Grid wants to establish best practice technologies and techniques to allow safe, reliable, efficient and economic use of the gas network with a reducing impact on the environment. By participating in PRCI, National Grid has and will continue to benefit from the international experience of the other member companies’ representatives, while benefiting from significant leverage on project activity from the other member companies.

National Grid assesses the collaboration through individual projects against the ability to develop improvements to how we build, manage and operate the network. Success is also determined by the level of influence we can exert on each research programme and the financial leverage available compared to self funding the research.