May 2014
Gas Transmission
Wireless Gas Detection Assessment
May 2014
Jun 2018
National Grid Gas Transmission
John Surtees,
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Transmission Networks
Fixed gas detection is required within compressor cabs to minimize the risk of an explosion. At the time of each compressor cab construction (from 1970 onwards), the number and location of installed detectors was dependant on the guidance and gas detector technology available at the time. New or additional gas detection is required in compressor cabs as a result of:

  • New standards / guidance - BS ISO 21789 (2009) requires that at least one gas detector is located in the ventilation outlet (because a gas leak will always reach this location). This requires one or more gas detectors to be moved or added to the system.

  • The gas detectors become obsolete / unsupported by the manufacturer (Requiring detector or system replacement)

  • New gas detector technology comes to market that will enhance gas detection within the compressor cab

Replacing, adding or moving gas detection can be expensive as a result of material and labour costs for design and installation of cable infrastructure. Wired gas detectors can also place constraints on where gas detectors can be located.

Wireless gas detection is a new technology to National Grid UK Gas Transmission. It has not been used before to provide detection within a compressor cab environment. A wireless gas detection has the potential to provide:

  • Simple, flexible and low cost detector installation (due to quicker installation time, less cables, trays, junction boxes and cabinets and less drawings and documentation)

  • The facility to re-locate and optimize gas detector locations at minimal cost

  • The facility to add additional gas detection at minimal cost

  • More flexible mounting and accessibility options (because the detectors are not constrained by the wiring infrastructure)

  • Safer maintenance due to improved access

The aim of this innovation assessment project is to determine whether wireless gas detection can be used in Gas Transmission compressor cabs.

Identify and test the most suitable wireless gas detector currently on the market to determine the system business readiness for use in Gas Transmission compressor cabs.