Feb 2014
Gas Transmission
Network Investment Stakeholder Engagement
Feb 2014
Feb 2015
National Grid Gas Transmission
James Whiteford, box.GT.innovation@nationalgrid.com
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Transmission Networks
In response to stakeholder feedback, National Grid is looking to develop a tool to communicate its proposed investment decisions on the National Transmission System more effectively.

National Grid currently uses a network analysis package, Simone. Historically the output from Simone has been presented to a variety of stakeholders in the form of power point presentations. Simone is a technical network modeling tool and the output is extremely detailed. The objective of this type of stakeholder engagement is to enable stakeholders to consider a variety of various investment options, understand the benefits of the investment and the potential consequences of not investing. The current tools do not make it easy for stakeholders to understand the issues and make this kind of considered decision.

National Grid intends to embark on a significant stakeholder engagement programme in April 2014 in relation to System Flexibility and the IED (industrial emissions directive) compressor replacement programme. It is therefore proposed that a tool will be developed that will interface with Simone and enable the user to consider investments that National Grid is proposing on the network and select a number of approved pre-run studies that contain different supply and demand scenarios and network configurations. It will also be essential that any detail presented respects the commercial confidentiality of network users.

To develop a tool that will communicate the investments that National Grid is proposing on the network to external and internal users in an engaging manner.

Development of a user interface tool and positive feedback received from stakeholders.