Jan 2014
Gas Transmission
Feasibility Study for Alternative Pipeline Materials
Jan 2014
Jul 2014
National Grid Gas Transmission
Cor Bos, box.GT.innovation@nationalgrid.com
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Network Innovation Allowance
Alternative pipe materials (composites, multilayer & reinforced thermoplastic) are accepted and widely used in oilfield operations within low to high pressure flow line/gathering line systems for hydrocarbons (e.g. below 20 bar for water, fire water, oil and auxiliary pipe work) and have been in service for many years. Plastics are also now the pipe of choice for low pressure distribution lines; however, while composites and plastics have been used for flow lines, gathering lines and distribution lines, they have yet to be accepted in high pressure hydrocarbon systems. In terms of issues of alternative material, some perceived issues for high pressure natural gas applications currently include performance limitations, susceptibility to third party damage and jointing techniques between existing steel pipelines and alternative materials.

Alternative construction process and technologies screening and technology survey will review available products and processes currently on market, considering technologies such as trenchless technology and rigid reeled pipelines.

The operational performance requirements and screening of options will consist of an outline of current operational requirements for existing pipeline materials and construction processes for use as a baseline/benchmark for initial comparison and a review of current industry standards/specifications for pipelines and pipework not made from carbon steel transporting natural gas and other hydrocarbons. Following this there will be a high level screening of all material, technologies and processes against operational performance requirements with recommendations for which materials, technologies and processes should be taken forward to Phase 2.

It is therefore intended that this scope of work is the initial background research into alternative innovative materials and constructional processes. If the findings from these initial phases indicate a potential for use in the transmission system, further scopes of work will be required.

To investigate the feasibility of using alternative materials, construction processes & technologies for pipelines in the National Grid Transmission Network.

To complete a detailed review of alternative innovative materials and constructional processes appropriate to the National Transmission System.