Jan 2013
Gas Transmission
MiniLog Stray Current Monitoring Devices for Cathodic Protection Re-Life
Jan 2013
Jan 2015
National Grid Gas Transmission
Mike Chenery, James Saxby, box.GT.innovation@nationalgrid.com
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Transmission Networks
The Minilog project is innovative as the product is capable of taking accurate readings over a period of time by switching between the CP system and the coupon installed beside the test post, this gives the potential for what were classed as defects to be re-classified as compliant or not under current CP guidelines (ECP2). The Minilog records true pipe to soil potential data, i.e. error free data, minimizing interference for detailed analysis by CP personnel to ascertain whether or not further investigation of possible defects is required. This will allow for many more defects to be quickly and safely closed and has the potential for significant business savings and increased security of supply.

The objective of the project is to demonstrate and evaluate the benefits of the Minilog product.

This will enable National Grid to close out CP defects which have arisen following routine CIPS activities. There is currently a significant backlog of defects which require investigation, and manual investigation of these defects is not practical. Minilog would potentially prove the off-potential and effectiveness of the CP system by providing a larger catalogue of detailed data rather than relying solely on expert interpretation to confirm wether or not the readings require further investigation. This will also provide more effective working time across the team to improve overall performance.

The project will be successful if the polarised potential of the sections of pipeline with stray current can be identified. This will allow for accurate, reliable, and consistent defect analysis of stray current defects.