Nov 2013
Gas Transmission
Metering and Gas Quality Training Simulator
Nov 2013
Mar 2015
National Grid Gas Transmission
John D Wilson, Alex Ferguson,
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Transmission Networks
The development of this novel simulator tool is designed to assist with a skills shortage of qualified natural gas measurement engineers and improve the skill base across an industry with an aging workforce. Reliance on external consultancies is a risk. Training of employees in this specialised area both reduces the risk and cost associated with management of the gas measurement assets.

National Grid has developed a Training AGI at Eakring which is available to both National Grid and other operators. The AGI has been designed and built to be representative of equipment typically found on National Grid Gas and other operators’ systems. It has been designed so that it will be run on air, which as a result the potential for realistic gas quality and metering training is limited.

This has led to the idea of developing various scenarios that are representative of gas quality and metering issues. This will include three stages of development:

1st Stage: A feasibility study for the development of scenarios

2nd Stage: Design, development, installation, presentation and training for course trainers

3rd Stage: Operational Acceptance by National Grid.

This project is intended to utilise software simulation techniques to generate realistic gas quality and metering scenarios to reinforce and test understanding of principles of the training being delivered.

Scenarios are developed, integrated and implemented into the training equipment on site.

Training programmes are developed incorporating the new tool and delivered.

Training becomes realistic for gas quality and metering issues that builds understanding and learning by reinforcing the training undertaken.