May 2017
Gas Distribution
Serviboost Phase 2
May 2017
Jul 2019
National Grid Gas Distribution
Mark Edwards – Project Sponsor – National Grid Adam Hassall – Project Manager - National Grid Wez Little – Project Supplier – Synthotech Ltd
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The following are included in the Scope for Phase 2;

(1) Development of TRL8 Serviboost Solution

a. Development of Serviboost Solution to meet performance criteria on pressure uplift (5mbar) and battery life (1 week and 3 Months)

b. Manufacture of Serviboost units

c. Validation Trials

d. Prototype Tooling for Serviboost

(2) Determine impact on Standards and operating procedures

a. Review and Gap Analysis

b. Support generation of G23

c. Technical reporting during the trials

d. Compliance and Data Folders

(3) Operative training for safe Installation of Serviboost

a. Training needs analysis

b. Work Procedures

The objective of Phase 2 are as follow are as follows;

  • Design and Development of a TRL8 working prototype (pre-commercialised)
  • Manufacture of fully functioning Serviboost units to permit field trials to be undertaken
  • Determine Installation challenges
  • Undertake trials – Laboratory, Simulated and ‘Live’ Trials
  • Development of data folders to provide a flight plan for commercialisation
  • Data collection – Performance, Efficiency, Function of the Installed Serviboost Unit
The project is deemed successful if, the products and end to end processes are developed that;

• Meets the requirements of the project objectives

• Achieves technology readiness level as detailed in the project scope