Mar 2017
Gas Distribution
Migration Corrosion Inhibitors
Mar 2017
Jan 2018
National Grid Gas Distribution
Tatiana Prieto-Lopez
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The initial scope of the project will involve:
  • Selection of suitable MCI products
  • Short-term lab-based testing to determine efficacy of technology (validation of manufacturer’s claims and measurement against NGGD’s needs and quality criteria).

There is also potential to complete some long-term testing which will remain out-of-scope during this phase.

The scope of Corrosion Inhibiting technologies far exceeds this project per se and there are many other products which could also be beneficial when applied in Gas Distribution. For now, these products will also remain out-of-scope.

To determine the efficacy of selected MCI products and assess their practicality based on prescribed quality criteria. 

Each product will be assessed against NGGD’s quality criteria which in short, is based upon:
  • Proven efficacy
    • Ability to inhibit corrosion
    • Penetration depth through concrete
    • Life expectancy of product
  • Safety
  • Ease of application
  • Cost.

The project will be deemed a success by proving that these products could be used to mitigate corrosion and could also be applied as part of a repair programme to ensure the maximum asset life expectancy is realised.