Jan 2017
Gas Distribution
MEG Saturation Monitoring
Jan 2017
Jun 2018
National Grid Gas Distribution
Quentin Bahlmann
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of work for the project includes:
  • Creation of MEG gas test rig including consideration of ATEX related issues when use with Natural Gas.
  • Testing and adaption of sample tube and Owlstone methods on the test rig.
  • Testing and comparison of the updated approaches on National Grid’s gas distribution network.
  • Purchasing one further Owlstone unit (to give two in total) and integrating both units into robust packaging for on-site use.
  • EMC testing of updated Owlstone design if an OEM approach used to improve packaging. Report outlining work, results and recommendations.

The objectives of the project

  •     Validate the adsorption tube method including how gas flows from main to sample tube (or if too variable understand the variability).
  •     Look at whether adsorption tube procedures and equipment could be improved leading to improved accuracy, fewer failed results and           possibly higher reported saturation levels.
  •     Improve the Owlstone method by creating a configuration that minimises variability, test and clean down time and by robustly                     packaging the unit such that it is easy to use on-site.
  •     Validate the Owlstone method and ensure it is well correlated to the tube method.
  • Identified improvements to the existing methodology that could be implemented and lead to improvement in results.
  • Successful demonstration of Owlstone rig giving accurate MEG saturation test results.