Nov 2016
Gas Distribution
I0071 H2 Clusters
Nov 2016
Jul 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution
NGGDx – Andy Lewis Progressive Energy – Peter Whitton
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The work programme will focus on the definition of a hydrogen supply system to supply converted gas distribution networks, basing the supply system on Humberside and Merseyside. The work will build on the Leeds City Gate work, utilising the cost data and approach where possible. The work will consider the synergies and interactions between the base SMR production and the needs and opportunities provided by industry in these clusters, the availability of hydrogen storage in the locality to manage daily and inter-seasonal fluctuations in demand, and will outline the shape of the CCS infrastructure required for the hydrogen supply system. The aim will be to define a system of a scale to supply Leeds or a city of similar size together with any local use in the region of the cluster itself.

 Identify synergies between the cluster SMR facilities designed to supply hydrogen to the gas network and local manufacturing industry, power generation and the required CCS infrastructure at the two clusters

Determine the potential market for hydrogen in manufacturing industry and power generation and consider the role this may have in managing seasonal and daily demand fluctuations. Give guidance on its potential as an emissions reduction approach for industry.

Provide guidance on the most cost effective configuration for low carbon hydrogen related facilities at both clusters, recognising technical, commercial, market and financing issues.

Techno economic feasibility of configuring industry within Humberside and Merseyside to produce and use hydrogen.

Understand the levelised cost of using hydrogen within these industrial clusters and understand any barriers that may exist to development.

Advise next steps and conduct stakeholder engagement to inform government decision making.