Sep 2016
Gas Distribution
Remote monitoring Device for Flammable and Toxic Gases
Sep 2016
Apr 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution
NGGD: Joe McShane – Innovation Project Manager NGGD: Andy Newton – Innovation Portfolio Manager NGGD: Ian Aldridge – Head of Transformation Engineering Policy NGGD: Ali Hamdani – Strategy Engineer – MOBs Smart Compliance – Scott Wallace, Managing Director
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The Scope of this proposal is to design, manufacture (rapid prototype) and trial the detectors in gas riser systems specific to MOBs.

The outputs of the project will be a developed, tested and trialled prototype which will be assessed at the end of the project via a Project End Stage Assessment. At this time, a decision will be made to progress the project to the next stage (detailed design, manufacture and further field trials).

The project seeks to prove that this concept is able, through trialling, to demonstrate that offers a viable, cost effective means of monitoring potential gas escapes from assets.  Success of the project may lead to further development to a deployable and certified system which could be used on the Network and potentially mitigate the need to replace riser assets located in spatially restrictive areas.

The Project can be considered a success if, upon completion of work:

The product has demonstrated capability of performing the desired task via successful field trials