Jul 2016
Gas Distribution
PRISM (Pipe Replacement in situ Manufacturing) – Below Ground Dead Main Trial and Associated Work
Jul 2016
Nov 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution
NGGD Project Manager – Sharon Harrison
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of work includes trials in an underground dead main environment of various technical solutions. The trial will involve deploying the solutions in the pipe and applying PRISM.

The tasks to be covered include:

  • Cleaning solutions
  • Joint spanning
  • Emergency isolation
  • Emid Plug blanking
  • Pressure testing
Further work is being carried out in parallel to the trial to develop solutions to enable service and end mains connection.

The samples will then be inspected and tested by an independent consultant and a report issued detailing the findings and which solutions have successfully passed tests to proceed to a future trial combined with BAE (Blown Air Extrusion).

  • To trial in an underground environment the PRISM system developed as far as practicable.
  • To develop and laboratory test mains end connection and service connection solutions. 
  • A demonstration of the PRISM system in a realistic dead main environment.
  • The technologies demonstrated pass all independent testing
  • A selection of service and mains end solutions to trial.
  • A draft “G23” document that highlights areas that will need development to proceed to live trials.