May 2016
Gas Distribution
PRISM (Pipe Replacement in situ Manufacturing) – Below Ground Yard Trial
May 2016
Nov 2016
National Grid Gas Distribution
NGGD Project Manager – Sharon Harrison
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Further trials of the selected technical solutions from the previous above ground trials in a yard environment will be carried out, by deploying them remotely in 80m pipe and applying PRISM. The samples will then be inspected and tested by an independent consultant and a report issued.

Samples will then be taken for inspection and testing to provide further data to derive the applied resin thickness profile along the length of the test sample.

  • To derive and demonstrate the thickness profile and variation of the applied resin over a 80m length of 4” pipe to determine the distribution curve over the length.
  • To demonstrate the suitability and test identified solutions for dealing with joints, other features such as  ferrules, termination of PRISM in the existing main and determine their effect on the distribution of PRISM application.
  • To collate preliminary safety documentation to ensure that all required data is available to take the project forward into live trials.
  • A demonstrated profile of PRISM application that can be used to determine the settings needed to maintain the minimum thickness required when in use on the network to ensure consistent structural strength along any applied length.

  • A completed process of selection on which products to proceed with to the next stage to solve the technical challenges such as joint spanning and end mains connection.

  • A draft “G23” document that highlights areas that will need development to proceed to live trials.