Mar 2016
Gas Distribution
Multi-Occupancy Building Cured In Place Lining (NuFlow) trial
Mar 2016
Mar 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution
Joe McShane (Innovation Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of the project is to test the performance of Nu Flow’s small bore pipe lining/rehabilitation system in a series of field trials. The product will be measured in accordance with the recently delivered riser liner specification (NIA_NGGD0055).

Successful delivery of this project will build on work previously completed, providing learning as to how this technology can be applied practically. The data collected will also be used to augment the epoxy liner specification.

The objectives are:

  • Assessment of the performance of the NuFlow product in relation to the requirements of the riser liner specification; due cogniscance given to (consistency of application, wall-thickness, adhesion, pressure loss, design life, etc.).
  • Observation of operational processes which will enable the development of operational guidelines for implementation
  • Assessment of pressure loss; pre and post-lining
  • Obtainment of qualitative and quantitative data which will improve the quality of the new liner specification
  • If the pressure loss assessment determines that there is a significant effect post-lining, development of a pressure loss simulation model will be undertaken (equivalent lengths per component) which will enable the effects of the lining to be simulated.
  • Successful performance of liner technology in accordance with the specification

  • Investigate limits of technology

  • Pressure loss assessment and creation of pressure loss methodology (if required)

  • Better understanding of operational processes which can be used to develop operational guidelines.