Feb 2016
Gas Distribution
Project Futurewave - Phase 3 (Pilot)
Feb 2016
Feb 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution, Northern Gas Networks, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, SP Energy Networks and Wales and West Utilities
WWU – Steven Edwards, NGN – Andrew Irwin, NGG – Tony Nixon – Lead network, SEPD/SHEPD – Martin Lyster, David MacLeman, SPEN – Geoff Murphy
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of the project will include the following:

  1. Develop a brand that engages customers and instils trust in the product and platform partners.

  2. Identify cost effective routes to user engagement, retention and referral.

  3. Develop a fully responsive digital platform that drives consumers from discovery to action, by optimising ‘Source it’, ‘Build it’ and ‘Fund it’ functionality to achieve the desired behaviours.

  4. Engage with individuals and community groups to understand their needs in relation to the platform, feedback on the product development, and to take part in live trials.

  5. Trial the platform with individuals and community groups to optimise the product being developed and the assumptions behind the business model.

  6. Update the Business Plan, including:
  • Revised assumptions based on data observed in live trials.

  • Refined roadmap to commercialisation and national growth.

  • Defined business and governance structure.

1. Define and build the minimum viable product required for each trial.

2. Validate and determine the viability of the commercial model through live data observed in trials including;

  • What penetration are we likely to achieve in year one for ‘Source It’ and ‘Build It’ users?
  • What rate of completion rate we are likely to achieve?
  • What the average project value is?
  • What level of ‘Fund it’ support is required

3. Define user acquisition tactics for ‘Build it’ and ‘Source it’ users.

4. Develop the final product ready for commercial launch.

5. Outline the commercial launch plan.

Success for this Phase 03 is to test and prove or improve upon the product, user acquisition and commercial model hypotheses so we can define the best route to commercialisation.

We will have validated or improved upon;

  • The assumptions behind the commercial model for the pilot year, which include;

  • 1% of off-gas homeowners in the defined target community use the platform.

  • 10% of these users will make contact with ‘Build It’ suppliers in their area with the desire to complete a home energy improvement through the platform.

  • The average value of projects considered is £2,425.

In order to achieve this we will have defined;

  • Who our users are and why they use the platform.

  • What the best ‘marketing / referral’ channels are.

  • Which platform tools are critical to improve completion rates through the platform for customers and installers.

  • The best ways to build community engagement and retain users.