Sep 2016
Gas Distribution
EZ valve: Live Insertion of Pipeline Isolation Valves on Risers
Sep 2016
Apr 2021
National Grid Gas Distribution
Ben Williams – National Grid Gas Distribution Andy Newton – Innovation Portfolio Manager Kevin Murphy – Advanced Valve Technology Jason Taylor – Advanced Valve Technology Ian Aldridge – National Grid Gas Distribution
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
A set of valves will be designed, developed, prototyped and tested during field trials to determine the efficacy of the solution. This will involve collaboration between NGGD and AVT to develop and test these new solutions.

The diameter range of these valves will be: 1 1/2”, “2, 3”, 4” and 6”. V17: Specification for Distribution Valves part 1 will be used as a baseline specification (although development will not be restricted to this specification).

The design and development stages will be carried out at AVTs factory in Chicago, Illinois, US and field trials will be carried out on selected sites on NGG’s gas network.

Project objectives:

Develop a set of valves which can be applied to metallic mains under ‘live’ gas conditions by;
  • Refining the theoretical concept by adapting the existing technology
  • Developing a detailed design for the valves
  • Prototyping of valves
  • Field trial and proof of concept.
The project will deliverable a set of valves that can be used on National Grid’s network, however, further evolution of the product as a fully deployable solution for the gas industry would require further quality assurance and acceptance testing (independent testing of valves in accordance with industry standards BS EN 12266-1:2012 and GISV7: Part 1.
At the end of the project, NGG will have a developed and proven a range of valves which can be used operationally