Dec 2015
Gas Distribution
Top Tee Siphon Adaptor (TTSA)
Dec 2015
Aug 2019
National Grid Gas Distribution
Adam Hassall - National Grid Gas Distribution
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Maintenance & Inspection
The Scope of this project is to carry out tests and trials on a product that can remove water quickly and safely, without the need for specialist teams at a low cost. This Project will:

  • Test a prototype on a non-live environment

  • Carry out live environment field trials in the North West network

  • Generate a product specification

  • Produce stats on efficiencies of using this product against traditional methods.

The objective of this project is to trial equipment for water removal from the top of the main without the need for BA equipment, ensuring the water from within a specific section of the main is fully removed and allows engineers to install a PE siphon directly on the network without installing a water collection pit at a relatively low cost.

The success criteria for the project is to trial and test a Top Tee siphon adaptor and show that:

  • Removes water from a PE main in a controlled environment

  • Can be applied directly on to a PE network resulting in a reduction of required fittings

  • Reduces the requirement for larger excavations & removes the need for a water collection pit

  • Restores gas supply to customers in a shorter time frame.

  • Product is a cheap cost solution for removing water over traditional methods.