Oct 2015
Gas Distribution
Blown Air Extrusion
Oct 2015
Jul 2016
National Grid Gas Distribution
NGG Project Manager – John Connor
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
To carry out a trial on a 4" and 6" section of main including identified tests to prove the concept of service to main connection technique.

To develop and provide a proof of concept for Blown Air Extrusion of a new pipe inside the existing service pipe using a polymeric material. To provide a new continuous conduit between the customers meter to the main capable of transporting gas with or without the support of the original host and deliver the gas at the same flow and pressure as the original host service. This project will prove the concept of BAE and the compatibility of BAE and PRISM.

Write a closure report Including policy test results and lessons learnt to feed into the next steps.

To support the development and delivery of a safe and efficient suite of processes, tools and techniques to join gas services to mains that significantly reduces the need for the excavation and reinstatement element of existing processes and thereby significantly reduce the costs and customer and stakeholder inconvenience and disruption.

This trial will provide a proof of concept  for future trials on service to main connection techniques to expedite commissioning of projects correctly targeted at accelerating the delivery of a commercial solution.

Satisfactory evidence to support the service to main connection technique and results that enable us to continue to the next steps towards a commercial solution.