Jun 2015
Gas Distribution
Mobile Virtual Reality Modelling
Jun 2015
Oct 2016
National Grid Gas Distribution
Robert Cairns – National Grid Gas Distribution (NGGD), Mitch Lane - National Grid Gas Distribution (NGGD)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project will include;

  • The development of a National Grid specific mobile platform based on EON Experience VR

  • The development of up to 3 individual VR/AR models, produced from CAD drawings.
    • Valve and actuator

This will be used in TEM and Pressure control courses so the delegates get an insight to how the internal workings operate.

  • Fisher 310 and 32a pilot

This is a difficult regulator and pilot set up to understand – hopefully the 3d imagery and internal working will assist in the classroom explanations.

  • Axial flow regulator and ZSC 100 pilot

A commonly used regulator that fits into lots of our training courses – usually a starting point for HP training so having a 3d model on this will help in lots of courses

  • The procurement of an Eon Reality iBench to allow the testing of Augmented Reality in the training environment.

  • The procurement of 20 “Cardboard” Virtual Reality Goggles to allow the testing of Virtual Reality in a training environment.

  • An assessment of the technology, by undertaking of a 6 month trial of the technology, within the training environment at National Grid Eakring.

The objective of the Project is to assess whether the modelling of work procedures in Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality can be utilised within the UK Gas Industry, to support engineers completing complex operational working procedures.

Production of 3 equipment models

  • 3 pieces pf equipment to be modelled by EON Reality on CAD Drawings or Photographic imaging.

  • QA assessment of quality of models provided by NGGD Eakring Academy.

Measure feedback from the Trainer

Measuring if the innovation has aided and improved the delivery of classroom theory sessions. This will be captured via a report or testimonial.

  • Were learning objectives met?

  • Were learning objectives exceeded? If Yes, How? Please give a description.

  • What was the duration of the course, comparison vs innovation vs no innovation.

  • Did the innovation contribute or hinder the course duration?

  • Did the trainees absorb the course material better using the innovation compared to the class that did not use the innovation?

  • Did the class retain the course information better using innovation that the class not using innovation?

  • Did the trainer feel the class were more engaged using the innovation than not?

  • Did the innovation add value to the learning?

  • Measure feedback from the Trainee

  • Did the class feel more engaged using innovation compared to not?

  • Was the learning experience improved using innovation?

  • Do you feel the innovation was a valuable learning technique?

  • Did the innovation assist learning? - review of those who do not use the technology will provide feedback and then use the technology to assess if learning was assisted.

  • Did the innovation assist you in your learning?

  • Integration review from Academy Technical Lead

  • Analyse the suitability (value adding) within the classroom environment?

  • Analyse the accessibility of the material for the end user?

  • How adaptable is the equipment?

  • What does the implementation scale look like for National Grid?