Jun 2015
Gas Distribution
SENSIT Acoustic Pipe Locator
Jun 2015
Jun 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution
Rob Cairns – NGGD Project Manager, Mark Edwards – NGGD Repair Network Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
The devices will be trialed across the Repair and Replace and Extend processes. This will allow the trial to cover different processes and different geographical areas.

The acoustic pipe locator uses sound waves to detect underground pipes to a depth of 3m. It will be utilised in conjunction with as laid drawings and cable location devises (C Scope) as part of a holistic tool kit to pin point assets that need to be worked on.

The trial will utilize the pipe locator in the following operational areas,

Patrolmen Duties

  • Attending third parties works to trace and locate gas mains and services

  • Surveying Repair works in advance – typically Built over services

Keyhole Teams

  • Locating mains more quickly and accurately

Repair teams

  • On GSR cut off work locating service pipes particularly for disused and inaccessible buildings

  • On DR4 works locating mains and services

  • On escape works and conditional relay works

GDSP teams

  • On replacement activities locating mains and services

The main objectives identified for this project are to establish that utilisation of the SENSIT pipe locator will result in;

  • Greater accuracy in locating underground assets
  • Reduced number and size of excavations
  • Reduced reinstatement
  • Reduced time spent on site
  • Improved customer experience
The trial will measure;

  • Number of excavations

  • Size of excavations

  • Number of DR4’s resolved on first visit and reduced DR4s captured on job

  • Reduction in number of on-site damages

  • Instances where engineer is able to locate equipment vs Instances where equipment could not be located

If the project is successful. Evidence and finding will be shared and roll out potential of the devices will scoped out for all processes.

Other considerations;

  • Do the engineers like the device and it find easy to us

  • Is it a product the engineers can see themselves utilising in day to day

  • While also measuring does the product do what we expect/want it to do

  • How accurate are the findings.