Feb 2015
Gas Distribution
Demand Allocation Phase 2
Feb 2015
Nov 2015
National Grid Gas Distribution
Philip Halsey – Project Manager National Grid, Marcus Sharpe – Technical lead National Grid, Joanna Kingdon – Project Manager DNV GL
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to further develop the working prototypes developed under IL218 to improve their accuracy and efficiency, including demonstration that the algorithms are robust and fit for purpose

IL218 delivered working prototypes with significant improvements in the spatial allocation element for demand. Phase 2 will carry on this work with a continued focus in each area as described below in the objectives and by further exploring the reclassification of demand. This element requires additional data to research and refine the outputs more accurately.

The aim of this project is to further develop a tested prototype database and application to undertake data conflation, demand classification and spatial allocation, of the demand within some sampled network analysis models, produce example results and build on the next steps necessary to implement the system as business as usual.

Success of this project will be the development of a new prototype database, application and process that is proven to be consistent and developed around a methodology that is readily applicable to network models and has a positive effect in reducing any security of supply risk and also reduces the level of intervention required.