Feb 2015
Gas Distribution
Examination of the relationship between leakage and operating pressure in MP systems
Feb 2015
Dec 2015
National Grid Gas Distribution
National Grid Gas Distribution - Sharon Harrison
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of the project includes the following:

  • Review of existing data: review results from testing programme carried out on LP mains in 1992 and MP mains in 1990 to assess validity of current modelling approach

  • Establish theoretical leakage and pressure relationship and how this relates to current leakage rates of MP at an average pressure.

  • Review laboratory tests undertaken in 1990 by Advantica (now DNV GL) to assess if covered pressure range of MP and, if necessary, undertake further laboratory tests to support theoretical modelling and undertake analysis

A report outlining the findings of modelling and tests together with the confidence factors and recommendations for adoption of analysis to calculate leakage or next steps to required to validate the findings further.

To determine the leakage rate from our MP mains networks and what relationship can be demonstrated between pressure and leakage. The ambition is to prove the relationship so that networks can consider the transfer of pressure management technology to MP system when this would deliver significant customer environmental benefits.

Success of this project will be a comprehensive assessment of a methodology that demonstrates the effect of pressure on MP system leakage and an economical way to assess the current leakage from MP systems. This will be provided in a report with detailed findings and recommendations that can be carried forward for implementation.