Dec 2014
Gas Distribution
Fence Feet Improvements
Dec 2014
Aug 2015
National Grid Gas Distribution
NGGD Project Manager – John Connor, BBUS - Andrew Edwards
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Network Innovation Allowance
  • Undertake site trials, sites to be identified both in North West/West Midlands and London/East of England

  • Wind tunnel testing to be undertaken in line with requirements under NRSWA and in compliance with HAUC specifications.

  • Assessments for lifting and handling, under health and safety compliance.

  • Measured reduction in customer impact regarding encroachment into walkways and highways.

  • Measured improvements to work areas inside fencing systems with less of structures.

  • Site and stores storage. Measured reduction in logistics, ability to store and distribute in a smaller footprint.
  • Reduce of structures for members of the public when high fencing systems are used in public walkways.
  • Reduce operational injuries and increase ease of use.
  • Provide a fencing foot system that has greater stability in high wind conditions.
  • A system that has stability when stored or stacked for both transportation and site storage.
  • Reduce costs and improvements to operational efficiencies.


  • Feedback from trial participants and stakeholders is positive.

    • Positive wind tunnel and compliance tests.

    • Consultation will take place with HA’s, NGGD Policy team, internal and external stakeholder and customer groups and the field users.