Nov 2014
Gas Distribution
MEG Fogger Trial Phase 3
Nov 2014
May 2016
National Grid Gas Distribution
National Grid Gas Distribution – Sharon Harrison
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Network Innovation Allowance
The Scope of the project includes:

  • 3A Pre Prototype Performance Improvements

  • 3B Spray Head Industrialisation

  • 3C Saturation Monitoring

  • 3D Trial and Equipment Specification

The overall aim of the MEG Improvement initiative is to design, develop, manufacture, install and commission a TouchSpray MEG Fogging system for use on the National Grid Gas Distribution network, in order to achieve a major improvement in MEG saturation levels across the network.

The objective of this project, under Phase 3, is to develop the fogger heads to a prototype standard, review and select MEG saturation measurement for the trial, and define in detail the equipment and trial requirements.

  • The determination the optimum deployment of MEG Fogger heads for use in trial

  • The recommendation of saturation measurement equipment

  • A robust concept design and trial specification